What are the real benefits of using a Rose Quartz roller regularly?

One of the biggest most well know benefits of the rose quartz roller is that it gives you the ability to virtually eliminate under- eye- bags and puffiness for good. How does your roller accomplish this? The roller stimulates the lymphatic system by activating the lymph nodes located under the eyes assisting them to drain effectively. When They drain effectively, toxins are removed from the skin while access fluid follows, making your eyes look awake and refreshed. Now this doesn’t just happen over night, continued use of your roller will ensure the benefits. For the best results we also offer our Under Eye Collagen Masks to combine with your daily roller use! (You wont regret it)

Not only does the rose quartz roller help eliminate toxins under the eyes, but they also eliminate toxins all over your face, jawline and neck! Your face is filled with lymph nodes and using a Rose quartz roller daily assists your skin to rejuvenate and pushes out toxins and pollutants making your face generally firmer, smoother with an overall healthier glow.

Now for my favourite part, if you are looking into a rose quartz roller, you’re likely already a skincare fanatic or looking to become one. When you do your daily moisturizing, you can use your roller during the process to help your favourite product massage deep into the skin. Making your overall skincare routine more effective with maximum benefit.