How to tell if your rose quartz is real or not

There are a few ways you can identify a real rose quartz crystal from a fake rose quartz crystal by doing these methods…. 

1. Check for air bubbles

If your rose quartz products have any air bubbles, it is fake. Fake rose quartz crystals are often made from glass material meaning its very common to be able to spot the air bubbles.


2. Feel the weight 

Real rose quartz will always have some sort of weight to it as they are naturally heavy dense stones that will feel solid in your hands, whereas fake ones are light. 


3. Check the color 

When you have real rose quartz the color is always a pale pinkish color, not too bright and not too dark. It will also most likely have some sort of white swirl or steak throughout the stone. If you have a very dark pink rose quartz, it is very likely to be dyed.  


4. Temperature check

A quick way to check your rose quartz is to feel the temperature. Hold the rose quartz against your cheek, if it's very cold it has passed the real rose quartz test. If it is warm, it is a fake stone. 


5. The scratching test 

Lastly, if you are really determined to see if your rose quartz is real or not do the scratching test. To do this test you take a piece of glass and try to scratch your stone, if the glass is affected and the stone leaves any type of mark on the  glass your rose quartz is real.