How to get rid of dark circles with Sophia

When it comes to dark circles, our Under-Eye Collagen Masks and Rose Quartz Roller are the keys to getting rid of those stubborn under-eyes. 

Yes, not getting a very good sleep can contribute to dark circles under the eyes, but the main issue that contributes to that dark pigment is when your blood circulation is clogged or poor. When this happens, the blood vessels underneath your eyes will become more prominent, which is what causes the darkness under your eyes. To help bring back circulation in your under eyes, you can use our Rose Quartz Roller to help massage and improve blood flow. Another quick way to bring your under eyes back to life is with our Collagen Under Eye Mask. These masks will reduce inflammation when your eyes are puffed up as well as constrict the blood vessels that will bring back pigmentation. To get the best use out of the roller and eye mask, putting them in the fridge and using them when cold can bring faster and better results to your eyes!